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Mosquitoes, Ticks, Flies, No Seeums - No Problem!

We are into our 10th year formulating, bottling, labeling and distributing our now seeming to be famous Naturally Northwoods Go Away Tick and Mosquito Spray!

We started when not many people were aware of how dangerous DEET really was. I had just found out my small town of Wilmington, IL had been exposed to 30 years of lethal exposure to Arsenic, Styrenes, Chromium 6, and all those other goodies in our drinking water. We put the pieces of the puzzle together after noticing house to house cancers and a plethora of suicides (longterm exposure from arsenic). Google "Toxic Waste Resthaven"

At that point I realized, WOW we can't put one more poison into our body! So I started researching what was the best "anything" to use to protect oneself from all those pesky and dangerous insects and came up with our formula. It has changed a bit overtime as it seems the insects have gotten worse! Our formula is too good not to be divinely influenced! I really give all credit to the Big Man above!

So here is a quick breakdown of our Naturally Northwoods Go Away Tick and Mosquito Sprays. They protect against ticks, mosquitoes, flies, no seeums, fleas, cockroaches, and even BED BUGS!!! Never leave home without a bottle :)

Family was designed for younger kids smaller in size and also adults and dogs where the bugs aren't that troublesome. (The FDA says spray your infants and toddlers with DEET and the going thought on Essential Oils is that they are safe for kids 3 years and older). You as a parent can make that call!! Oh My!!!

Extreme was formulated because of the UP Michigan Mosquitoes! Now the Extreme is used primarily anywhere that the bugs are bad (mostly everywhere)! The go to choice for adults and dogs. Or most animals other than cats but do the research first!

Mega Extreme!! Well this was put in production for those 4th of July evenings at dusk when NOTHING absolutely NOTHING would fight them away. NOW, no worries as we have Mega Extreme!! The name says it all!

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