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Susan Long, the founder of Naturally Northwoods, was a mother dedicated to finding a safe, alternative bug spray to use on her small children. Unable to find a good deet-free spray on the market, she decided to create her own. With months, and years of research, she finally found a formula guaranteed to keep the no seems, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies away, while also being free of any carcinogens.


9 years later, people can’t get enough of her magical spray! It’s never a boring day for Susan Long and her gang come summer time- Naturally Northwoods Deet-Free Tick and Mosquito Spray can be found in over 70 stores nation wide, including Trigs, Save More, Ace, Coontails, Wildberry, and many more! Together, they are dedicated to educating the public on the importance of using safe products to help prevent tick borne illnesses.

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